Jan Moore

AFSC, 1964, South Carolina
Current Residence: Ukiah, CA
Email: janmoore@mcn.org

In the summer of 1964, about 17 college age men and women, black and white, from a wide variety of backgrounds were invited, through the American Friends Service Committee, to come register voters in and around Orangeburg, SC. Working with a number of wise and wonderful local high school students and supported by the local sponsoring NAACP group, we registered more than 1000 voters in the 5 or 6 weeks we were there. My husband and and I, were the "leaders", assisted by our two young children, 1 and nearly 3years old. It was a remarkable experience and sent me on a lifelong path of activism of all kinds. This recent 2004 national election, and the growing evidence of fraud surrounding it, reminds me that we will never be done with this work.

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