Ivor G. Moore
(Jerry Moore)

CORE, NAACP, 1960-64, South Carolina
1958 S. Robertson Blvd. Apt4
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Email: jerry@jerrymooremusic.com
Web Site: jerrymooremusic.com

Freedom Rides, Sit-ins, Voter Registration:

Was with the original rides in 1961 (Rode Trailways with Charles Persons, James Peck, The Bergmans and others. First attacked in Anniston then again in Birmingham — The Greyhound bus was burned in Anniston our bus was saved for Birmingham where the Klan said they were going to put the fear of the Klan into the nation.

Went to jail in Sumter SC — Sit-ins. Sheriff said he would see me in a coffin.

Helped SCLC in Georgia train young students how to do Voter Registration (get adults to vote).

I am a musician, singer, songwriter, have recorded for record companies.

Was working with prisoners doing music at Eastern Correctional Facility in upstate NY — inmates were being harassed — Black guard had told me about the ways he was being threatened and harassed. The head of the northern Klans was exposed — he was working there as guard with other members of the Klan.

Played for Anti-Nuke Organizations helping to raise funds and awareness. (Listen to original Eco songs at: jerrymooremusic.com/

Moved to California, worked as liaison between Churches of different denominations for the homeless. Resource person for Sober Living homes, Prison Fellowship and after school programs for kids (setup and did computer training).

Worked with Street Ministry in South Central Los Angeles that Police department described as being the worse spot in the worse neighborhood, in LA County...


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