Ellen Maslow

SNCC, Poor People's Corporation, 1964-71

In Memory

I worked with Jesse Morris, Abbie Hoffman, Ursula Junk, Lotte Kunstler, and many other people, to help develop the co-ops in Poor People's corporation in Mississippi. We developed a store in NYC called Liberty House to sell the crafts manufactured in the co-ops.

I later got a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and have been a psychotherapist for 25 or more years. I have a private practise in Boulder, and have some training in trauma. My three sons are all college age, and two of them have been very politically active. Their Honorary Grandfather is my old friend, Dave Dellinger.

I welcome your initiative to get us back into some sort of community. I would like to help if I can. Thanks so much for getting in touch, Ellen Maslow

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