Patricia Anne Martin
(Patricia Anne Durham)

SCLC, 1963-67, Georgia, South Carolina
Current Residence:
Macon GA
Phone: 478.750.3567

I became involved in the civil rights movement by attending church rallies in Atlanta, all stemming from the frustrations I experienced when my mother and two sisters moved from Newark, Ohio to Atlanta, Ga, after we separated from our father.

Remembering how I felt when we had to pay bus fares in the front of the trolley, and then enter at the rear, and the hurt of seeing "Gone with the Wind," paying at the front and the having to go to the back to the segregated balcony.

I attended the Citizen Education Program sponsored by Dorothy Cotton, completed her program, and became a volunteer, distributing voter registration leaflets, and eventually became a staff member.

I was assigned to the Print Shop under the direction of Mr. William Whiset, and Ronald White. I designed leaflets, and participated in voter registration campaigns with Mr. Carl Farris and Mr. Hosea Williams, Tyrone Brooks, in Charleston, South Carolina, and its three Islands. This continued on up to the March on Washington, and ended a few years after Dr. Martin Luther King's death.

I then enrolled into the field of nursing. The importance of education was greatly expressed through the movement, and after retiring from the Medical Center of Central Georgia, I have since earned my BA degree in English, and my Masters in the Science of Psychology from the University of Phoenix at the young age of 76.


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