Andrew Marrisett

SCLC, AFSC, 1963-78, Alabama, Georgia, Louisinna, Texas, North and South Carolina.
631 22nd St. N
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 326-6966

I got involved in April of 1963, in the Birmingham, AL movement. I attended several mass-meetings and was inspired to join the marches. After about a week Rev. Andrew Young and Ms. Dotothy Cotton noticed that we (James Orange, Robert Seals, Elizabeth Hays and myself), were working hard getting people to the meetings and helping with voter registration.

We became SCLC's first paid field staff. Not the only staff, [there were others] at the national office in Atlanta.

At this time, I'm the only one of that four still living. (May they all RIP!) I'm retired living Birmingham. AL. I will share my Civil Rights story/involvement with anyone who wishes to hear it from a front line foot soldier.

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