Marilyn Lowen (Maryam)

SNCC, CDGM, 1965-1968, Mississippi, Alabama
25509 Greenfield Road Apt #203
Southfield, MI 48075
Phone: 650-815-1226

Interview about the Freedom Movement. By Gretchen Howard. 28 pages.
Oral History Interview re Mississippi (text, audio, video).

I am Marilyn Lowen, born into the Movement 75 years years ago in Detroit, Michigan. As a child joined with others to end segregated Housing and later public facilities through Detroit Brotherhood Youth Council.

Supported 1960 Southern student sit-ins while in high school joining Woolworth picket lines. After working with Northern Student Movement in Detroit and Harlem, and Detroit Friends Of SNCC, went South to Atlanta SNCC in 1965.

Worked with SNCC Photo to create archives of the historic documents created by SNCC photographers throughout the South. Executive Secretary James Forman intended SNCC photo to tell the story from viewpoint of SNCC's participation in the Black Belt South human rights organizing activities.

Worked in Mississippi with Child Development Group of Mississippi and its successor Friends of the Children Of Mississippi. These organizations were staffed by veterans of Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, COFO and other grassroots organizations. Thousands of women, formerly Oppressed in domestic servitude and share cropping, worked in dignity in these organizations to create self-determination for their own children and communities.

I was fortunate to help through Teacher Development and Program for Children and conducted early childhood movement and music workshops throughout the State in our 80 community run schools. I continue as a Movement oriented educator and cultural worker.

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