Bill Light
(1941 — 2017)

COFO, SNCC, Mississippi, 1964-65

I worked in the Jackson COFO office April-September '64, doing communications with Robert Weil and others. I then worked in Starkville, MS and Oktibehah County September '64-August '65, as a SNCC staff organizer, doing voter registration and FDP work with Ron Bridgeforth, Ron Carver, and others.

During my time in MS, I experienced many of the high and low points of my life, met some of the most important people in my life, learned important lessons, and, like many of us, left feeling discouraged, and questioning whether anything important had been accomplished. It took many years for me to see the fruits of our work, but now I think the importance of what we did is quite obvious.

After leaving the state, I went about my life, marrying, having kids, working as a teacher and then as a custom woodworker. Until the last few years I didn't do political, except for canvassing @ election times and the odd demonstration.

Now I work intensively with WeArePeopleHere!, a grass-roots non-profit based in Santa Fe, NM, (see working to save Democracy and toward a more fair and democratic economy.


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