Julius Lester

SNCC, 1964-69, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi
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We Shall Overcome (re Trump election)

I was a senior at Fisk University in Nashville when the sit-in movement started in 1960 and worked at Highlander Folk School 1960-61. I worked as a folksinger in New York City, 1961-64, and participated in a number of benefits for SNCC. I was a part of the Mississippi Summer Project and traveled throughout the state leading singing at mass meetings and at freedom schools. I began working for SNCC fulltime in 1966 as a photographer. Working out of the Atlanta office, I created calendars and other materials using photographs in the SNCC files. I also photographed throughout the south. In 1967 SNCC sent me and Charlie Cobb to North Vietnam to photograph U.S. attacks on that country at a time when the U.S. government was denying it was bombing the North. I also wrote a children's book, Our Tales, and a report (with photographs) on the Atlanta riot of 1966, which SNCC published.

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