Charles Leck

CORE, NCC, Mississippi, Alabama, Minnesota, 1964-69
Current Residence: Maple Plain, MN
Web Site:

Personal story: Riding on the Spirit of New Orleans

It's both inspiring and delightful to go through your web site. It brings back so many memories. I was in Canton, Mississippi for 5 weeks in 1964 with the National Council of Churches — arriving there on June 22. It was a life-changing exerpience for me.

I returned to Mississippi this summer for a memorial service on June 21st for James Chaney, Andres Goodman and Michael Schwerner. It was a terribly important moment for me and brought me some closure to the years of grief I've felt because of that horrible incident.

I was on the final day's march in Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 and that was equally inspiring.

I spent a good part of the summer of 1967 on the west side of Chicago — not the south, but one of the battlegrounds of the Dr. King's civil rights work.

In addition, I spent three years, 1966 through 1969, working on the southside of Minneapolis in one of the city's two black communities. They were inspiring and educational years for me, a middle-class white person, also.

I would like to add my name to those who support your work.

Charles Leck


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