Dr. Leslie Korshak ("Little One")

CORE 1960-1992
Current Residence: Little River, CA
Email: yoda@mcn.org

Tesitmony: I was small, white, quiet and nearly invisible during those years of marches, registrations and jail. Since, and because of those years, I've become a doctor of behavioral ethics.

I am writing now, because of the alarming number of apologist/academic/"intellectual" books out, attempting to diminish what those age-appropriate, failed to serve. Several have made contact over the years, but none of them got it. When the last one cornered me for a five hour "interview" I realized that it was finally time to do one of my own - which is silly; since it's all about synergy, and how and why that worked.

So, I'm asking for as many of the experiences demonstranting the sheer power of that non-violent approach, as you all want to share.

And I thank you all very much.
Dr. Leslie Korshak

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