Adam Kline

SNCC, 1964, Mississippi
Current Residence: Seattle, WA
Phone: 206.625.0800

Greenwood, Mississippi

SNCC, in Greenwood, Mississippi, Freedom Summer project in 1964. Came back to Greenwood in 1972 after law school to work for North Miss. Rural Legal Services.

The South gave me as much as I gave it. If there is one thing I took from my summer's work, it is that oppression creates a greater need for leadership and for personal competence. Individuals with these qualities arise from the community by earning the respect of their neighbors, and a movement lead by such people has a much greater demand on the public conscience than any corporate PR campaign or reactionary movement.

As to myself, I have practiced law, mostly representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases, along with the occasional ACLU case, for the last 29 years. I also represent the 37th Legislative District--the most racially diverse in the State---in our State Senate in Olympia. I chair the Senate Judiciary Committee, and have run legislation on racial profiling, minority lending practices, and lots of other fun stuff. I'd love to hear from other vets.

Adam Kline

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