Howard Kirschenbaum

SNCC, CORE 1961-1964, Mississippi, Maryland
458 Whiting Rd.
Webster, NY 14580
Phone: 585.354.1055

I participated in a CORE freedom ride and was jailed when integrating a roller skating rink in Catonsville, Maryland; was active in SDS at Johns Hopkins, and was a volunteer in the Mississippi Summer Project in Moss Point, Mississippi in 1964. Ron Ridenour and I were, I think, the first workers jailed after Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney disappeared. Later I did organizing up north.

I was forever changed by Mississippi — humbled by knowing how hard how many people have struggled for so long to advance human rights — skeptical that the news we hear is the whole story — impressed by and respectful of the wisdom and ability of formally uneducated people to be able to participate in the decisions that affect their lives — and much more. Ever since, I've been a teacher, educator, counselor, and organizer for various causes.


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