Abdul Aziz Khaalis
(Jan Leighton Triggs)

CORE, NAG, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Mississippi, Virginia, 1961-65
Current Residence: Washington, DC
Email: hajmaan@hotmail.com

Freedom Movement in Washington DC: 1960-61
Journey to Prison

I was fortunate to work as a historian documenting sit-ins in 1960-1961 while a student at Howard University. It happened that as a member of CORE and NAG, I was a Freedom Rider and was arrested in Mississippi on June 8,1961. It wasn't a ego trip that compelled me to be a civil rights activist. My spirit was joined with others who believed in sacrifice. We demonstrated, sat-in, picketted, and were arrested. We felt hate, pain, and love and were moved as we still are.

I taught school for CORE in Harlem New York at the request of James Farmer from 1970-76. I shared my experiences with my students and encouraged them to stand up for their rights. At my present age of 69 I continue to be active in whatever good cause promoting our Civil Rights.

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