Walter Kaufmann

COFO, CORE, Mississippi, 1964
Current Residence: Berkeley, CA

I was with CORE and COFO in Jackson, Mississippi. Sent to work in Philadelphia, MS. I was one of the older white workers and was sent to Philadelphia MS within a few days of the murder of Schwerner, Chenny, and Goodman. I was sent there by Staughton Lynd, the historian and advisor to SNCC and COFO. Ralph Fetherstone was part of our group. We had a freedom school, did voting registration, and community organizing. I was a young attorney and did some legal work for our group and had several interactions with Cecil Price the deputy and the city attorney — I was there all summer 64 and beyond. My papers are with the University of Wisconsin, civil rights archives. I will give more info if requested. Our residence was the Medgar Evers hotel in Philadelphia. The building was attacked by a group of Klan types while we were inside — the incident was reported in the New York Times in august of 64.


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