Junebug Jabbo Jones
(Mythical Character)

Current Residence: In our minds and memories.

"Junebug Jabbo Jones" is a mythical character who grew out of the SNCC experience and the generations-long struggle of southern Blacks against white-supremacy. Some say that the Junebug character emerged out of discussions in SNCC about the continuity of black struggle, and that he was created one night in Atlanta by Ed Brown and others as an effective means of expressing the thinking found in this tradition.

John O'Neal later adopted the Junebug character, and developed a one man theatrical presentation as Junebug, while other SNCC members adopted and expanded Junebug into a grassroots philosopher, satiric SNCC activist, and occasional pseudonym for SNCC authors.

See also the Facebook page: Junebug Jabbo Jones for information on John O'Neal's Junebug Productions and his continuing theatrical presentations.

The Wisdom of Junebug Jabbo Jones

"Mr. Say ain't nothing. Mr. Do is the man."

"Effen yo' doan unnerstan' the principle of eternal contradiction,
yo' sho ain't gonna unnerstan' diddly about Howard University.
Nor about black life in these United States neither."

"What us Africans need most is a lot of patience and a sense of irony."

"Inside every Negroe there lurks a potential Black man."

"A man with a devilish heart is the one most likely to aim his rump at a seat of power."

"Be what you is and not what you ain't.
'Cause if you ain't what you is...
You'll be what you ain't"


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