Clarence L. Johnson

NAACP, 1960-69, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina
Current Residence: Oakland CA
Phone: (510) 534-4722

Reflections on Growing Up In Greenwood, Mississippi in the 1960's

As a pre-teen, teenager and member of the Youth Chapter of the NAACP, I attended Mass Meetings, engaged in sit-ins, marches and participated in Freedom Schools. I learned much about organizing to bring about creative change and the importance of participating in a democracy with all the rights of citizenship.

After graduating from Tougaloo College with a BA Degree in Political Science, I enrolled in Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana to prepare for the Christian Ministry. Currently, I serve as the Senior Minister-Pastor of Mills Grove Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the East Oakland Community of Maxwell Park. Here the lessons learned in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's are instructive in a ministry & mission with an aim to bring positive social and systemic change by helping the last, least, lost and the left-out.


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