Timothy Jenkins

SNCC, 1960-65, Mississippi, Georgia
Current Residence: Washington, DC
Email: tjenkins@2mpower.us
Web Site: 2mpower.us

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My involvement began when I was student body president at Howard University, when it become necessary to fight the administration's bar of the use of student council funds to support the new sit-in movement spreading across the South in the Spring of 1960.

My participation expanded when I was elected national affairs vice president of the National Student Association, made up of 350 colleges and universities, which had voted to support SNCC. 1960-1961.

This led to my participation in and mobilization for the sit-ins nation-wide and the convening of the first sit-in leadership seminar, which took place at Fisk University in August 1961, an undertaking that may qualify as the first "Freedom School" of the Movement.

Thereafter my frontline involvements were in Atlanta and Albany Georgia, as well as Jackson, McComb, Greenwood, and Holmes County, in Mississippi, primarily concerned with voter registration.

After that I prepared SNCC testimony before Congress on the Voting Rights Act of 1965. and the drafting of and advocacy for the provision for all such cases being tried by THREE judges, instead of just one!


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