Rev. Clarence Lumumba James

SCLC, 1966-67, Mississippi, Illinois
Current Residence: High Point, NC
Phone: 475-227-6161

I was appointed by Dr. King to be the president and Chief Organizer of the Student Union for Better Education in Chicago. I became the first student ever to address the Chicago Board of Education.

I participated in the Meredith March in Mississippi in June 1966. The Open Housing Marches into segregated white Chicago neighborhoods where Dr. King was hit in the head with a rock and said the hatred there was greater than anything he had seen in the South.

I was the first Youth Director of Operation Breadbasket under Rev. Jesse L. Jackson.I was a pioneer of the Black Studies Movement, as a student at Harvard University I participated in the strike, boycott and demonstrations that resulted in the school's acquiesce to our demand for an Afro-American Studies Department. I was a member of the delegation of the first students to ever address a H`rvard faculty meeting. Then I was a member of The Standing Committee to Develop the Afro-American Studies Department at Harvard University.


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