Gwendolyn Iles-Foster

SNCC, COAHR, Georgia, Louisiana, 1960-64
422 Williamson Street
Alexandria, LA 71302
Phone: 318-443-4430


I have already spent time in relaying to our youth the hardships of those days of the movement and what it meant to participate. It was with them in mind, those coming after us, that many of us took the chances we did.

I spent two weeks in jail with the other students from the Atlanta University Center for staging sit-ins in the Atlanta area. I also participated in the 1st(and maybe only) "lie-in" at the Henry Grady Hotel for attempting to get lodging there. I served as the Chair of the Committee on Appeal for Human Rights (COAHR) organizing and leading demonstrations such as marches, picketing, and more sit-ins for which we spent many hours in the Atlanta jails. More about our participation as students of Spelman may be found in "Undaunted by the Fight" written by Dr. Harry Lefever.

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