Ruth Howard
(Ruth Howard Chambers)

CORE, SNCC, NAG, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, 1964-67
Current Residence: New York, NY

In 1962/63 the CORE chapter in Washington, DC was picketing the Safeway grocery store in Washington, DC. At that time i was a student at Howard University and worked part-time at the Mount Pleasant branch of the public library. A CORE worker (Alan Cooper) was a borrower and told me about the picket line and from there I joined the line and went to rallies.

From that association I became aware of NAG [Non-violent Action Group at Howard] and later through that association went south the summer of 1964. September '64 I did not return to Howard but continued to stay and work in the south.

The experience has continued to shape my life and choices around work, friendships, love and marriage, ...

I have been aware of this site for many years. This morning I am encouraged to send this by my friend and sister Jean Wiley. Also, the passing of Jack Minnis.

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