Bob Hosek
(Bob Hosea, Hosea)

SNCC, 1965, Mississippi
Current Residence: Tigard, OR

After 37 years, I still marvel at the strength and determination of the people living on Ofahoma Road, Leake County, Ms, particularly the Alton Wilder family who housed me and three other well-intentioned but essentially ignorant white kids for the summer of 1965.

To my knowledge the most sucessful activity in Leake County in 1965 was the registration Afro-American children in "white" schools. NAACP Inc. and volunteer AL Sharp from Yale were the driving force of that campaign.

Another volunteer to recognize would be Bill Harris from the SF Bay Area, I think. He was a 40 year-old teacher who suffered a broken leg participating in a sit-in at a cafe in Carthage, MS, the County Seat of Leake County.

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