Ray E. Holmes

NAACP, CORE, 1960-64, Florida
440 Sierra Vista Ct.
St. Johns, FL 32259
Email: usar06@aol.com

I became active in the movement at Florida A. and M. University in Tallahassee, Florida.

Marched with CORE and the Student Government Association in attemps to peacefully desegregate the all white Florida Theater. Many mass marches to downtown Tallahassee from the FAMU campus were met with tear gas and police brutality. Most times the aggressive Tallahassee Police would cause us to retreat to the "Hill" as they clubbed, kicked up and arrested anyone that they could catch.

CORE was the most active Civil Rights group on campus in the early 60's. I don't believe that CORE was officially sanctioned by the University and in my perspective they did all that they could to discourage and break up our efforts. Faculty members would actually forbid us to participate in the demonstrations or even to go to student rallies. The leaders were mostly some older military veterans who defied the administration and inspired us to persist.

I recall that my parents did not aprove of my participation and reminded me that my goal should be to get my degree so that I could make a difference.

Many of the student government leaders were expelled from the university for encouraging and leading demonstrations.


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