Frank Holloway
(1939 — 2018)

COAHR, SNCC, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, 1961-1986

I chose to become involved in the civil rights movement and the utilization of non-violence became a way of life during that time. One of the most memorable occassions for me was when I shared a Fulton county jail cell with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others after sit ins and demonstrations at local department stores in Atlanta. While in jail, we learned the principles of non-violence, and sang freedom songs.

I was one of the first civil rights workers to go into Selma, Alabama and Wilcox County, Alabama and teach classes on registering to vote.

As a Freedom Rider, I was the first person to intergrate the Greyhound Bus station.

The Movement meant the I could no longer accept the status quo, and the racism and injustices that our people were confronted with on a daily basis. I wanted to continue the stuggle to work towards a better way of life for our people.

Today the struggle continues, I find myself involved in community service programs in an effort to improve the quality of life for our people and their hopes and aspirations for the future.


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