William Hodes

SNCC, Mississippi, 1964
Current Residence: Indianapolis, IN
Email: wwh@hodeslaw.com
Web Site: www.hodeslaw.com

By chance, I was assigned to the Greenwood office, which turned about to be not only the temporary HQ, but the center of the legal strategy for the MFDP challenge in Atlantic City (where I sat-in on the boardwalk and almost made it to the main podium with "Seat the MFDP" banners).

Falling in with lawyers, the die was cast. I switched majors from math to government, went to law school, studied with Arthur Kinoy and Ruth Ginsburg, and became a lawyer, a law professor, then a lawyer again, and even had a clerkship with Ginsburg at the Supreme Court while I was a tenured law professor in my 50s.


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