Roger Hickey

SSOC, VSCRC 1964-1969, Virginia
560 N Street SW, Apt N502
Washington, DC 20024

I organized at the University of Virginia, helping to build a chapter of the Southern Students Organizing Committee (SSOC). Together with students from Black and white colleges in Virginia (and with help from SNCC), we organized the Virginia Students' Civil Rights Committee (VSCRC), and raised funds, recruited organizers, and did publicity for VSCRC's voter registration and civil rights project in several Virginia black belt counties. I worked one summer in VSCRC's summer project.

After graduating from UVA, I worked as a SSOC organizer in Virginia. Later I worked with Clergy and Laity Concerned About Vietnam, helping to organize their Unsell the War advertising project. Then, at Public Media Center, I helped to do advertising for the United Farm Workers Union and other progressive projects. Also helped found the Economic Policy Institute and the Campaign for America's Future.


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