John Hartman

NAACP, SNCC, 1961-1965, North Carolina, Alabama, Maryland
5333 Connecticut AVE, NW, #115
Washington, DC 20015

I was in Monroe, North Carolina supporting the Freedom Riders and Robert Williams. I joined the Committee to Aid the Monroe Defendants and returned to Monroe several times.

In 1962 I was arrested in Easton, MD as part of the effort to desegregate public accommodations in Maryland. I was convicted of trespass but my case was eventually overturned as part of the Bell v. Maryland case which ended segregation in public accommodations in Maryland and led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

In March of 1965 I was in Montgomery, Alabama with SNCC opening a second front prior to the Selma-Montgomery March.

These experiences are the most important ones in my entire life. The changes that came about as the result of non-violent direct action were significant and long-lasting. We still have a very long ways to go to create the beloved community but we made a start.


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