Paul Harris

Albany Movement, 1968, Georgia
20 Quickstep Lane
San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone: 415 567-3494
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I was law clerk to attorney C.B. King in Albany, GA. My wife worked in Mrs. King's headstart program. I worked on a lawsuit to desegregate the public swimming pool, to stop police brutality, to obtain welfare for a woman in Smithsville, GA; to keep a young man from being sent to Vietnam, and worked with a community organization on all their issues.

I saw how much it meant for community organizations to have a lawyer who worked for them, and counseled them on how to avoid legal problems and to protect them when the law did come down on them. I used this model, along with former C.B. King law clerk Stan Zaks, to set up the "san Francisco Community Law Collective" in l970 which became one of the very first multiracial, progressive law firms in the country.


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