D. Gorton

SNCC, 1963-70, Mississippi, Georgia
606 W Elm St
Carbondale, IL 62901
Email: dgorton@dgorton.com
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I was a student at the University of Mississippi when I got in touch with Mendy Samstein at COFO headquarters in Jackson, Ms. in 1963. I visited Mendy and others and decided to form a SNCC Chapter at Ole Miss. I put a sign on my dorm door, "SNCC", and formed a small group. We held the first sit in at Fulton Chapel at Ole Miss with black students from nearby Rust College in Holly Springs, Ms. We were discovered and attacked by members of the Knights of the Dark Forest of the KKK as determined by the Mississippi Soverignty Commission files. A call to Mendy Samstein from one of the KKK members asking if there any SNCC members he could meet at Ole Miss. led to Mendy giving them my name and address. They attacked me and friends who had been involved in the sit -ins and other activities. Lots more on this.

I was a "non Violence trainer" at Oxford, Ohio for Freedom Summer in 1964 and worked in Greenville, Ms (my home town) until my family was threatened. I then joined the Americus, Ga SNCC Freedom Project. I later was part of SNCC photo in Mississippi.


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