Janetta C. Gilliam

CORE, 1961-63, Louisiana
Current Residence: Houston, TX

I was involved the civil rights movement as a student with CORE at Southern University during 1961-1963. I was one of 14 student that remained in East Baton Rouge Parish jail from December 14, 1961 through January 1962. As a out of state student attending Southern, I felt obligated to be a part of the movement for change because it not only affected the state of Louisiana, but black people in every part of the United States. Black people were being denied basic human rights not just civil rights to exist in this country. As an 18 year old student, I knew this was our generation's time to stand on the shoulder of those whose had died for the struggle. This experience has lasted me a lifetime because of the commitments, sacrfices and the tenacity shown by young trying be make difference.


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