David Gass

SNCC, Mississippi, 1964
150 Lynnway Unit 104
Lynn, MA 01902
Email: david.gass@comcast.net
Phone: 781-595-8701

Went from Antioch College in Ohio to West Point, near Tupelo to continue the work of those in jail at the Jackson fairground. When our schoolhouse burned, a lady in a sharecropper hat said: I want 10 men, none of them crippled. Bring your gun. We're setting up a Deacons for Defence. We sealed her request in song.

Worked with Charlie Wingfield from Albany, Ga. at the Peace House in Philadelphia, Pa., then on an ERAP project in Trenton, NJ, where we organized a march to city hall on housing issues.

Worked in Cleveland, Ohio for 16 years on anti-war and labor issues, including 10 years at a machine shop that closed. Returned to Lynn, Mass. to build houses. Recently formed a community development corp. to produce first-time buyer housing and increase neighborhood empowerment. Supporting Deval Patrick's race for governor, working with Paul Brownridge from Meridian, Miss.

Mississippi summer, the modest heroism and inspiring music, has been a constant reminder: Never turn back.

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