Dianna Freelon-Foster

1966, SCLC, Mississippi
Current Residence:
164 Elm St.
Grenada, MS 38901
Email: kiamshi@yahoo.com

I was 16 years old when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. came into Grenada, MS by way of the Meredith March. Out of this the Grenada Freedom Movement was born. I was one of the students who intergrated the all white high school in the city. It was a violent intergration and we were beaten by white men on our first day of school.

I have lived in Grenada, MS most of my life and have been involved in the struggle for freedom, justice and equality most of my adult life.

Recently, I was elected as the first African-American and female mayor in the city of Grenada. The position carries no voting power and is basic a cermonial position. However, for me it is a further opportunity to speak truth to power and to simply speak the truth. It affords me the opportunity to go into places where normally I would not be invited because of my radicaliness.

The struggle does indeed continue!

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