William Forsyth

CORE, 1964-65, Mississippi
110 Beach Ave.
Larchmont, NY 10538
Email: bill@wforsyth.com

I worked in Madison County, starting as a volunteer in Freedom Summer, in August 1964. After Freedom Summer I stayed on as CORE staff until the end of August, 1965. I worked on voter registration, MFDP matters (in the fall of 1964), the ASCS elections in December, and many other projects.

I started out in Valley View, North of Canton, and then worked in the Flora area and Canton itself. It was the formative experience of my life, but not all in good ways. The people I met and worked with I loved, and they kept me going, but the endless brutality and ugliness of that Apartheid society, the human cost of the struggle and the feeling that we just weren't making progress wore away at me, so that it was time to leave when I did.


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