Frank Farmer

SCLC, SCOPE, Georgia, Missisippi, 1965-66
Current Residence: Toronto, ON. Canada
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I was a field worker with SCLC/SCOPE in the summers of '65 and '66. I emigrated to Canada after my alternative service in '68. I became very disillusioned after the King assassination in '68, because the movement changed direction so radically and became a black nationalist driven movement.

Since I came to Canada I got involved in progressive politics (NDP). I completed my education, spent 2 years in Africa teaching and researching for my doctorate. I returned to the states and taught for a number of years. I found that after 9/11 that the repression of political expression was totally untenable for me, so I gave up my citizenship and returned to Canada.

Now I teach Latin American and Caribbean history here in Toronto at Ryerson University. I am also a political activist working with the New Democratic Party and focus on social justice, muticulturalism, peace and aboriginal rights.

I would like communicate with civil rights veterans, peace and human rights activists and political progressives, who still believe in the dream. I invite members of this group to join both of my yahoogroups, and

Dr. Franklin Farmer


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