Rev. Dwain C. Epps

COFO, SCLC, 1960-65, Mississippi, Alabama
Route de Lac 29
1669 Montbovon, Switzerland

SFTS Students & Black Voting Rights in Wilcox Co. AL, 2016

The nonviolent action for justice and equality we were taught and practiced in the movement have guided and inspired me through a lifetime of ministry in the field of international affairs with the NCCCUSA and the World Council of Churches (WCC) in the USA and around the world.

While the USA is not alone in the practice of racism, ethnocentrism and xenophobia, its resurgent practice of racism — its "original sin" — lies at the root of the greed and endemic militarism that inflicts poverty and war on the vast majority of toe people of the world.

To combat white racism as the WCC committed itself to do in 1968 remains a priority as much or more today as it was when we marched to Selma.


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