Theresa El-Amin

SNCC, 1966, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi
PO Box 6582
Columbas, GA 31917
Phone: (919) 824-0659

The Help — Thoughts of Theresa El-Amin, 2013

I was won to the struggle in the classroom of Jean Wiley at Tuskegee in 1966. Stokeley Carmichael (Kwame Ture) was the visiting professor. He made us think about the disparities and lack of rights in majority black counties throughout the South. I and many other young women left school to register voters in Alabama and poll watch for the MFDP in MS. We returned to Atlanta that summer to work on the Julian Bond campaign and elect a new chairman of SNCC. It was the experience that opened my eyes to the Black Liberation Movement. I met many revolutionaries that summer and over the 20 years that led to me becoming a full-time union organizer for SEIU. I now work with women and children in public housing communities who are challenging poverty and fighting for equity in education for Black students in public schools.

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