Ferd Eggan

SCLC, SCOPE, CORE, South Carolina, 1965-66
Current Residence: Los Angeles
Phone: 323-667-9170

Moved by demonstrations in Chicago in my first years of college, I went to Manning, So. Carolina with a small group of voter registration volunteers during the winter break of 1965-66. After a whirlwind of organizing at the University of Chicago in the spring of 1966, relinquishing my student deferment and filing for conscientious objection to the war in VietNam, I dropped out of school and returned to South Carolina with one of the other volunteers for the summer of 1966. During that time, we met and helped many to register to vote, distributed other materials about the war in VietNam, and eventually left in response to the urging of SNCC to do anti-racist work among whites. Work against white supremacy and racism has always been central to my political activity to the present, including solidarity with Black Liberation, Puerto Rican Independence, Native American Sovereignty, Gay/Lesbian Liberation, ACT-UP, and present GI counseling.

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