Jane Duggan

Pax Christi, SCLC, 1965-1966, Mississippi
Current Residence: Detroit MI
Email: jane_duggan@sbcglobal.net

I spent summer 1965 in Greenwood MS at the Pax Christi Mission center. I was part of a team from Dominican University sent to do a survey that resulted in a $10million grant from MTDA to set up 18 trade schools in MS.

I also taught head start and worked with youth. There were SNCC volunteers in Greedwood, of course, so eventually we met them.

When I returned to Chicago, I worked on the open housing campaign largely organized by SCLC. I was active in the anti-Vietnam movement, a draft counselor, now for decades a union organizer.

In summer 2015 I went back to Greenwood for a reunion with some of the people I worked with and some of the community people. Certainly the summer in MS changed my life in ways only rivaled by 10 weeks doing construction in Cuba some years later.

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