Bernard (Bernie) Dinkin

CDGM, SNCC, NAACP, 1963-65, Mississippi
Current Residence:
8212 High School Rd
Elkins Park, Pa 19027

Worked with Phila Friends of SNCC 1963-65. Went to Mississippi with CDGM summer of 1965 and worked out of McComb. Was definning event of my life. The courage of the local people and our staff was incredible. We did headstart and local registration activites and joined in the fear that we all felt. When I got back to Phila., I was looking for a base for my beliefs, and I found it in the labor movement where I worked for 30 years as organizing and education director for the Clothing Workers. Joyce Barrett who is on this list had the same advisor at Temple University and she became my hero who I tried to follow. Been retired for 5 years and have just pulled myself off of the piano and got my first computer and found your site. Great work!

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