Diane Crothers

SCLC, 1965, Alabama
Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY
Email: dianecrothers@hotmail.com

Tesitmony: I worked on voter registration in Fairfield and Birmingham, Alabama, during the summer of 1965 with an SCLC project headquartered at Miles College. My mother was born and raised in Mississippi and shared with me throughout my childhood in Connecticut her critical perspective as a white woman on segregation and racism. When Bull Connor and others spoke for white women, I was outraged that he could say he spoke for me.

As a direct result of my experience in Birmingham, I spent the rest of the 1960's involved in the labor movement and then the women's movement in North Carolina and New York. I later became a lawyer, taught civil rights law and women's studies, prosecuted domestic violence and am now enforcing employment-related affirmative action laws.

I would especially like to hear from anyone who worked on our voting project.

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