James L. Crabb

CNVA, 1963-64, Florida-Georgia-Alabama
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I was a well meaning liberal white boy (17 yrs.old) fool when I went to the south to try to do something good. I joined a group (CNVA) which was opposing US policy towards Cuba. We were an integrated group so we confronted racism as well as anti Cuban, anti-communist attitudes in the South. My memories of ALL the people I met are vivid. White and Black, Christian and Jewish, religious and not. I must add ... intelligent and stupid.

I was present at the church in Selma AL on the day of Jimmy Jackson's funeral. I was assigned to keep the curb in front of the church open for the hearse. Shortly before the service a big Lincoln Town car with 6 white guys in dark suits pulled up and the guy in the rear passenger side rolled down his window and addressed me by name, while reading from a file folder and asked me why I was there and who my friends were and where we were staying. I responded that I was asigned to keep the space open and asked him to move his car out of the way. I realized that this must be the FBI and I managed to not shit in my pants while addressing them. To their credit ... they indignantly rolled up their windows and left without any foolishness.

Jimmy Lee Jackson was killed by the local police for no reason and it was not an uncommon occurence in AL at that time. It should NEVER be forgotten. These thngs could happen again if we are not vigilant.

I want to mention Mrs. Catherine Hunt., her daughter Ann Hunt. Mr. J.T.Jackson. Mr. Eddie White. Mr. Jack Singletary. Rev. Wells. Ms. Kit Havice. Ms. Edie Snyder (Maris Arnold). There are many more names of fighters who are dear to me.


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