Rachel Brown Cowan

SNCC, COFO, 1963-64 Maryland, Mississippi
285 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10025
Email: rachelcowan1@gmail.com

With my sister Connie Brown, I ran a tutorial program in '63 in Cambridge Md. Apart from the joy of meeting my to-be husband Paul Cowan there, I felt completely absorbed, changed, and useful.

Then in '64 I worked in the Jackson COFO office, researching discrimination in funding and application of federal programs in Mississippi. I was awed by the COFO leadership, and deeply impressed and inspired by the courage of the black people with whom I worked and lived. I have never forgotten the experiences of those summers, and have been an organizer and teacher in various venues and communities since then. I was also inspired by the religious and spiritual strength of people I met, and went on in later years to become a rabbi.


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