Emma Cooper-Harris

S-ICIA, MACE, Mississippi
Post Office Box 194
Anguilla, MS 38721
Email: emmaharris@earthlink.net
Phone: 662-907-3277

Just returning from JSU [Jackson State Univ.] in the core of the Mississippi was still a struggle for change especially after the President of the NAACP was killed in cold blood in Rolling Fork, MS.

The Sharkey-Issaquen County Improvement Associaton (S-ICIA) was named and the struggle went forth with only (3) staff persons.

Young black male was being locked up and no one to represent them leagally. We fought for equal education, justice, fair streets and housing, against the disrepect of women and their children from the Department of Human Service and to file lawsuit to be able to work in those positions.

Voter regisrtion was at its highest heights, people wanted someone to represent them that look like them, and understood their problems.

We have come a long ways, but the road ahead is much farther. It seems like we have just forgotten the struggle.


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