Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

SCLC 1962-63
73 Arbor Street
San Francisco, CA 94131
Phone: 415.794.1997
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I remember my time in the Movement with great satisfaction. I was doing work to make my world better, and it mattered to history, and to the people I met, face to face.

I was one of seven white students at Atlanta University, studying in the education department under Dr. Horace Mann Bond. My partner worked on a newspaper with Julian Bond. We went to Wednesday night church, for the singing and the planning. And several times I went downtown for the Movement, to scope out the lunch counter that would be the site for tomorrow's sit-in, come back and draw a plan of how the place was set up so the people who'd be sitting in had some idea of where they should go when they first walked in.

We were married (breaking the law) by an African-American minister, and planned to contest the law later. We didn't stay together long enough to do this, and I wonder if it's still on the Georgia lawbooks that an African-American can only marry African-Americans to each other.

It was a privilege to witness this period, and to help a little, as I could.


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