Hazel James Chatmon

Alabama, 1964-67
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2709 Betbeze Street
Mobile, AL 36507
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i was a high school student attending r. b. hudson high school [in Selma Alabama]. my first personal involvement took place on july 4, 1964, after the president signed the civil rights act of 1964. i was one of a group students that intregrated the wilby theater.

i was one of the few students that performed at the first mass meeting in selma alabama. we met in the tabernacle baptist for weeks learning the techniques of non-violence. bernard lafayette and one other person were the teachers.

other person foot soliders n. walker, phillip hunter, leon sanders, benjamin jackson, clinton martin.

i was probably the first person arrested at the beginning of the movement. i was arrested, held in jail for days and was finally relased after being sentenced to a year's probation. i was charged with inciting a riot.

my partners and i organized and led several marches. the most interesting one was during a period of time that jim clark the vicious sheriff was ill. we led a march to the court house to pray that he would recover as quick as possible.

i along with others were participants in the event call bloody sunday.

i was among that group of persons walking the full 50 miles.

i think it is time for those of us that were there from day one to the last day to set the record straight. the facts are a little blurred at this time.

finally, let me say it was the students that kept this movement alive in selma. it was that students that got arrested. got out of jail and return the next day to reck havoc for jim clark and the community of racist that controled the power structure in selma alabama.

i have a lot more to say. especially what happen after the voting rights bill was passed and signed by the u s president.

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