Donna M. Cartwright (D.C. Bacheller)

CORE, Maryland, 1964-67
Current Residence:
116 W. University Parkway, #1210
Baltimore, MD 21210

I worked with Baltimore CORE on fair housing and was arrested several times at segregated apartment complexes in 1964-65. I also worked on the CORE Target City project in 1966 or 1967, helping with union organizing efforts at nursing homes and retail stores.

I took part in a Friends of SNCC march from Baltimore to Washington in support of the Selma march in 1965.

The civil rights movement simply changed my life beyond recognition. It turned an abstract interest in politics into a lifetime of activism -- labor, anti- war, anti-intervention, anti-apartheid, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender. Even now, all these years later, social change is my primary focus.

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