Sam Carcione

NAACP, 1963-1975, Alabama, Mississippi, District of Columbia
Current Residence: Palm Coast, FL

My "involvement" in the movement in the south, though, was in supporting roles with but three exceptions. I was on the SNCC March in Montgomery; I was on the Meredith March for about two weeks, joining in Granada and staying until the March concluded in Jackson; and I drove a replacement station wagon to the COFO project in Meridian to replace the one that Cheney, Goodman and Schwerner were driving when they were killed. We dropped some supplies off in Philadelphia, MS along the way and I spent about a week working with the people on the Meridian, MS project.

I was on the Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Friends of COFO, which raised money and collected clothing, food and supplies for COFO projects then rented trucks to take them to MS. All my other work was on projects in the North, primarily in the area of breaking down barriers to employment. We had a local group called, at the time, the United Negro Protest Committee (UNPC) that billed itself as "the action arm of the NAACP." We did a lot of direct action stuff like picketing and boycotting businesses that would not hire Black workers. I did work with some other groups, like the Pittsburgh Catholic Interracial Council and the Medical Committee for Human Rights.

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