Norman Lee Cain, Jr

SNCC, 1961-65, West Virginia
Current Residence: Philadelphia, PA

As soon as I entered Blufield State College in Bluefield, West Virginia in Jan. of 1961, I became immersed in the student civl rights movement. In my four Years at that institution, we managed to intergrate the swimming pool, hotel and a host of other facilities that had not been avaiable to African Americans. Our graetest mentor was the late Cecil B. Moore, a graduate of Bluefield State, prominent lawyer and activist in Philadelphia PA and the person who has had a major Avenue in Philadelphia named after him.

After completing the requirements for my degree in Social Studies Education in Aug of 1964, I returned to Philadelphia and became active in the "Friends of SNCC," and was present in Atlantic City N.J. during the Democractic Convention in 1964 where I got a chance to see notable civil rights leaders.

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