Charles Butts

MFP, 1961-64, Mississippi, Tennessee
4514 Franklin Blvd
Cleveland, OH 44102
Phone: 216.789.5053

Part of 1961 and 62 worked directly with John McFerren supporting his org efforts for register voters.

1962-64 revived Megar Evers' Mississippi Free Press, building it to the 3rd largest circulating newspaper in state (only 2 Jackson dailys larger) Provided undiluted news coverage of CR activities in state with focus of Bob Moses brilliant efforts, Meredith entrance to Ole Miss, Evers assassination and Beckwith non-trial; successful efforts to stop national stars from coming to segregated venues; and much more. Also covered labor organizing activities in state, whose organizers were facing threats of violence. Paper also provided information for readers to get information useful from govt entities.


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