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SCLC/SCOPE, 1965, North Carolina
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Transcript of 1965 Journal (SCOPE, AL)

At age 19 I participated in the SCOPE project of SCLC. After the Atlanta training I went to North Carolina.

At first I think I was in Williamson showing solidarity while we worked on voter education, registration, lunch counter testing, etc. Later in the summer I was sent on my own to another community to carry on the same.

Along the way there were memorable experiences I will write about more. The first that comes to mind is the night a friendly local wanted to take me for a ride with a smile. He took me along a local road to drive by a KKK rally with 500 whites and the full meal deal including the burning cross. I am not sure I ever figured that out.

I recently found my journal, which I will get to someone's archive. Additionally I will use it to flush this out. What a treat to look back to my 19 year-old mind 46 years later.

My thanks to those who are creating a body of information on what was a seminal time in our country. It spoiled those of us who believe in positive change. But at least we got to experience that.


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