Deborah D. Brooks

NAACP, Florida, Alabama, 1960-71
Current Residence:
7749 SW 88th Street, D230
Miami, FL 33156

I still remeber the Civil Rights Movement as though it was yesterday and I often think about what have we become, today. I often think about how we cared for each other, respected each other and had strong moral and family values.

Being from the Panhandle of Pensacola, Florida, my mother and I participated in much of the civil rights movement by crossing state lines and participating in the marches.

My parents were born and raised in Troy and Evergreen, Alabama so you know what the climate was at that time as it pertains to blacks. The white population wanted us to remain as second class citizens and uneducated. My mother was a nurse and felt that it was her duty to be of assistance in the event someone got hurt.

My grandmother always taught me that I was an African and that I will always be and nothing else.

What fascinated my about the NAACP meetings in rural Alabama was how the meeting places kept moving from place to place so that the Klu Klux Klan could not find us.

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